Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Gardening Thoughts July 2015

Thoughts from the Leonard Middle School Gardeners.

We have a work in progress, some of the plants are growing,  Zucchini and tomatoes are growing.   

The 3 Sisters Garden is really growing great. The beans look about 3 inches tall.

The peppers are really ripe and look ready to pick. 

We pulled a lot a weeds and watered some plants.  There were baby tomatoes, which were round and bumpy. 

My second time in the garden I finally got the monster weed.  I used a trowel and it was a big weed. 

We added some flowers to make it more colorful and pretty.   We put them under the garden loom.

For my first time in the garden it has improved since I last worked in the garden at the end of school.   It is exciting to see all the food growing and it isn’t that far from when we will be eating what we grow. 

I got sprayed with the hose. 

We worked in the kale and broccoli garden.  We got most of the weeds out.  It seemed like it needed more water.  We think it is a good thing about the garden.  It is an activity that outside, and kids need good nutrition.

I was doing really hard work in the tomatoes.  My uncle works in a gardening company and he had to work hard.   I find gardening ok. 

Weeding in the tomatoes was hard.  I liked it in the garden and being outside.