Saturday, June 21, 2014

School Garden

Garden Leaders
June 20, 2014
There is a lot of excitement about a school garden that has been started at Leonard Middle School.  Mrs. O'Connell, Mrs. Drake and Mrs. Koch are leading the charge of students who are meeting weekly to plan the gardening spot.   We have had a busy winter learning a lot about planting, bees, water resources and our community needs.  There has been a fund raiser by the garden club to sell BEE FRIENDLY seeds. We raised $50.00 for the Garden Club.  Students learned about bees and pollination in the midst of winter.  The garden has finally arrived at the stage for planting.  Mrs. Koch, Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. O'Connell armed with drills and boards assembled the raised beds.  Mr. Tim Fowler with the help of General Rental of Old Town raised the Garden Loom and our wonderful students began the process of getting the garden installed and planted.
We had many donations of seedlings and help from parents who donated the dirt.

MORE PHOTOS to come...