Sunday, November 24, 2013

Alternative Mix it Up Lunch Take 2

Alternative Mix it Up Lunch Take 2:  Check out the UMaine Hockey Team visiting us at an LMS lunch on November 18.  A big Thank you to Ms. Steven's who is helping coordinate the athletes visits.  We are hoping to break down the barriers at lunch and have students experience meeting new people.  So far it is a big success.  A big shout out to Ms. Stevens and the Hockey team. GO BLUE!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Attendance Counts! 11/5/13

LeAnne Dunham:  8th Grade Case Manager

 Rock Stars
The Behavior Team at L.M.S. held it’s first Attendance Counts breakfast on Tuesday, November 5th.  Attendance Counts is a program designed to increase attendance and on-time behavior at our school.  The first homeroom to reach ten days of perfect attendance (all students present in the classroom at the time of attendance), win a special breakfast for their homeroom.  
We celebrated two homerooms who reached the target on the same day.  Students enjoyed breakfast sandwiches, fresh fruit, baked goods, and apple cider.  The LMS parent-teacher group, PEAKS, was hugely supportive with donations of muffins, donuts, and tablecloths.  
This was certainly a group effort, and was enjoyed by both students and staff.  We have started over,  and are now in a race to see       who the next winner will be!

Rock Stars

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Alternative Mix It Up Lunch

Mix it up Lunch is a national campaign started ten years ago by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  The goal of the program  is to cross and or question social boundaries in the lunch room once a year, by asking students to talk with someone they don't usually sit with.  Building relationships between students is a way to increase social awareness of others and helps to reduce the friendship barriers and conflicts that are sometimes created when students have set ideas about others.   On Wednesday we mixed it up at lunch in a different way at LMS.  I invited the Male Athletes Against Violence and other Athletes to join us for lunch.  The fabulous University of Maine Students from across sports disciplines visited with OUR students at different tables to get them talking.  The Leonard Middle School Students loved it and we will be repeating the event, so expect updates.
Alternative Mix it up Lunch